Yellow Terrazzo Stone Floor Tiles

Yellow Terrazzo Stone Floor Tiles

Yellow Terrazzo Stone Floor Tiles Yellow with white and black marble particles, 2-5, 5-10mm. Tile Size: 300x300, 400x400, 300x600, 600x600, 600x1200mm etc. Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm.

Yellow Terrazzo Stone Floor Tiles suitable for inside and outside floor and wall paving. 

Color   Name:Yellow Terrazzo
Brand:Terazo Terrazzo
Base:525 Porland Concrete
Color Tone:Yellow
Aggregate:Black and White Marble Particles 3-5mm, 5-10mm
Finish:Polish, Leather, Bush Hammered, Sandblasted, Flamed
Tile Size:30x30, 40x40, 30x60,   60x60, 80x80, 60x120cm etc.
Slabs Size:2400x1600, 2400x1800,   2700x1800, 3200x1600mm
Thickness:18mm,   20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm etc.
Packing:Slabs:Strong   Wooden bundles
Tiles: Wooden Crate with Plastic form protection.
HS. Code:6810199000   Concrete Terrazzo Stone Products
Density:2460 kg/m3, 20mm:about 50kgs/m2
Sample Size:100x100x20mm,15x15x20mm
Sample Charge:Small sample available by Free
Sample Freight:Up to the client. Prepaid freight is about 35USD-50USD for 1kg sample
Application:Interior   and Exterior Floor Tiles or Wall Cladding,
Countertops, Worktops, Bench tops, Table Tops, Vanity tops, Kitchen Flooring, Bathroom Shower Wall etc.

Terrazzo basically as kind of concrete floor, has all outstanding same as concrete:


1. Sustainability. Terrazzo floors are a sustainable option if you use an existing Terrazzo slab, avoiding the consumption of new materials. And they need not be relegated to basements or garages. Once the Terrazzo is sanded down and polished or sealed, it looks perfectly refined in a traditional kitchen or living room, especially when layered with Oriental rugs and pretty furnishings and fixtures.


2. Easy care. The only maintenance required of Terrazzo floors is weekly mopping with soapy water. I recommend installing a baseboard along with the Terrazzo floor as well, even though you think you may not need it. Just imagine what a dirty mop would leave behind in the crevice where the floor meets the wall if there were no baseboard. And it will make your choice look finished and intentional.


3. Longevity. A floor that has been polished and maintained can be expected to last a hundred years or more. In this home, let's appreciate how an aged and cracked concrete floor was not hidden under new tiles or carpet. Instead it is celebrated for the history it holds, and has been put on display along with other architecturally salvaged materials.

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