White Terrazzo Tiles

We create many White Terrazzo Tiles Colors for Interior and Exterior Floor and Wall Tiles paving. Pure white, white background with blue glass, white with black marble aggregate, white with red marble, white with red or colorful chips make the white terrazzo amazing look for the decoration.

White Terrazzo Tiles

White Terrazzo is created by White 525 Cement mixed with different color and size marble, granite or glass aggregate. We have many White Terrazzo colors for your project choice. Bespoke colors are welcomed.

White Terrazzo Colors We have:

Terazo Terrazzo White Terrazzo Code: 

GN002, GN003, GN006, GN007, MC001, MC002, MC003, MC004, MC008, NS002, NS003, NS008, NS010, etc.

White Terrazzo Tile Colors

Italian Tech Terrazzo Series Code: 

DXW201 , DXW205 Carrara White, DXW212 Bianco White

White Terrazzo Tiles Italian Technology

White Terrazzo Raw Materials:

White 525 Cement Mixed with different size White, Red, Black, Beige, Brown Marble, granite or glass Aggregate.

White Terrazzo Products Size we can make:

Terrazzo Slabs: 2400x1600, 2400x1800, 2700x1800, 3200x1600mm

Terrazzo Tile: 300x300, 400x400, 300x600, 600x600, 800x800, 600x1200mm etc.

Terrazzo Thickness: 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm etc.

Terrazzo Block Size: 2450x1650mm, 2450x1850mm, 2750x1850mm, 3250x1650mm Normal Slabs stock size: 2400x1600x20mm, 2400x1800x20mm for fast delivery.


White Terrazzo Surface can be done:

Polished, Honed, Leather, Bush hammered, Sandblasted, Brushed, Antique, Flamed

White Terrazzo Application:

1.    Interior Flooring tiles, Wall Cladding decoration.

2.    Exterior Flooring tiles, Wall Façade decoration.

3.    Countertops, Worktops, Bench Tops, Table tops, Reception desks etc.

Terrazzo Project Type:

Commercial or Residential Projects, such as Luxurious Boutiques, Fashion Stores, Hospital, Hotel, Museums, Theaters, Office, Private houses etc.

Terrazzo Test Report  2018


Welcome Bespoke Color and design.

We are a leading terrazzo factory and exporter with trading company in China. With Two Terrazzo produce factories can make the Terrazzo block and Terrazzo tiles with high capacity and fast delivery.

Our main products include all range Terrazzo products. such as Terrazzo Tiles, Terrazzo Slabs, Terrazzo Blocks, Terrazzo Countertops, Terrazzo Sinks, Concrete Sinks, Terrazzo Mosaics, Terrazzo Staircase, Terrazzo Look Porcelain etc for project selection. Other kind of Artificial Stones and Natural Stone are also available, please refer to our website www.chinaartificialstone.com for more product information if you would like some other items to full a container.

Test   Report by SGS
Essential CharacteristicsPerformanceHarmonised   Technical Specification
Apparent Density2460   kg/m3EN   14617-1:2013
Water Absorption3.11%EN   14617-1:2013
Classification: W1
Flexural Strength9.3   MPaEN   14617-2:2016
Classification: F1
Abrasion Resistance (polished)40.5   mmEN   14617-4:2012
Classification: A1
Freeze and Thaw Resistance8.8   MPaEN   14617-5:2012
KMf25: 77.9
Slip Resistance (polished)SRV   “dry”: 36EN   14231:2003
SRV “wet”: 11
Compressive strength97   MPaRefer   to EN 14617-15:2005
Reaction to fireClassification:   A1EN   13501-1:2007+A1:2009

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