Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles

Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles
Big or Small marble particles look
Size: 600x1200x10.5mm
Surface: Matt
Application: Clubs, Offices, Shopping Malls, Fashion Stores, Restaurant etc.

We promote many Large Particles Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles for the world wide morden design application. 

Basic information:

Base:Porcelain / Ceramic
Tile Size:600x1200x10.5mm
Packing:2pcs/Carton,   60 Catons/Pallet
Export Port:Foshan or Xiamen
Application   style:Modern minimalist   style, loft industrial style
Application   Area:Interior and Exterior   Floor and Wall
Applicable   space:Clubs,   Offices, Shopping Malls, Fashion Stores, Restaurant etc.

Color Code: GASM12606811LP

Color Name: Moulin Rouge

Color Insperation:

Located in the Moulin Rouge near the White Square at the foot of Montmartre in the north of Paris, France, the beautiful and full-fledged French national color and romantic elegance combine to be radiant and beautiful after centuries of tempering. Charming, there, passionate youth, colorful years of life, as well as fresh, simple, lively and sweet humanistic feelings, all show the beauty of dreamy, passionate space art.

Color Picture:

Multicolor Particles Terrazzo Porcelain Tiles Moulin Rouge  CS126007CY

Color Code: GASM12606322LP

Color Name: Pompidou

Color Insperation:

The Centre of the Centre for the Arts and Cultures (Le Centre national d'art et de culture Georges-Pompidou) is a modern art museum located on the north side of the Latin Quarter of the French capital, on the right bank of the Seine, on the Beaubourg Street. For "Bobao". The “Cultural Factory” with three-dimensional, abstract, structural and surrealist styles brings together the concepts of literature and popular art. The design is novel, the style is specific, and it has a modern charm, emphasizing the close relationship between modern science and technology and culture and art. Highlighting the High-Tech style is the pioneer of modern art in the world.

Color Picture:

Pompido  CS126002CY

Color Code: GASM12606982LP

Color Name: Phantom

Color Insperation:

The "Phantom of the Opera", which is the pursuit of art and true love, makes a Parisian opera house with a painting, marble and gold ornaments infiltrating the hearts of the people. It is amazing, looking for the turbulent years in the flaming and shattering, and sometimes the aura It is now and eclectic, with a classic mysterious romantic charm and modern fashion taste, reflecting the connotation and temperament of French culture.

Color Picture:

White Pebble Particles Black Terrazzo Look Porcelain Tiles. Phantom  3-CS126008CY

Color Code: GASM12606321LP

Color Name: Marini

Color Insperation:

The "Marini Theatre" designed and built by the French architectural ornament Charles Garnier can clearly understand the architectural style of traditional culture and innovative ideas, the infinite pursuit of details and the use of a large number of abstract thinking. The regular, symmetrical geometric layout is simple and full of fashion space imagination, showing a three-dimensional accumulation.

Color Picture:

Large Particles Terrazzo Look Porcelain Marini  CS126001CY

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