Concrete Terrazzo Blocks

Concrete Terrazzo Blocks

Concrete Terrazzo Blocks: Concrete mixed with natural Marble, Granite Particles. Block Size: 2450x1650, 2450x1850, 2750x1850, 3250x1850mm Height: 750-850mm. Application: Cut for various size slabs, Columns, Borders, Sinks, Bathtub, Shower base etc.

We produce the concrete base Terrazzo Blocks to cut for Terrazzo Slabs and Tiles, also offer the wholesale Terrazzo blocks to cast the irregular shape terrazzo products, such as Terrazzo Columns, Borders, Terrazzo Sink, Terrazzo Bathtub, Shower Pan, Terrazzo Table Tops or Terrazzo Table Base etc. Block Size: 2450x1650mm, 2450x1850mm, 2750x1850mm, 3250x1650mm, Block Height: 750mm or 850mm

The Terrazzo Blocks are pressed by a large-capacity mold by hydraulic Press machine. The raw materials are mixed and pressed into a Block, which is similar to the natural stone material. Later, it is cut into sheets according to the needs, and has a high degree of freedom in thickness. In addition, due to the original body The block is large enough to allow the selection of larger granules and custom-made large patterns.

Terrazzo Production Technology:

1.Mix the Cement and Marble Aggregate into mold

2.Press it into blocks with a hydraulic Press

3.Seal set and solidified for 28days to get terrazzo block

4.Cut the block into slabs of the required thickness

5.Polished the Slab surface or make into the requested surface.

6.Cut to the Customized Size or Shape

7.Do the waterproof treatment on the surface as requested.

8.Wooden Crate packing and logistics distribution.

Terrazzo Production Technology1

Terrazzo Tiles Production Technology

Terrazzo Advantage:

1.    Inorganic Terrazzo: Use the Cement 525, without any Resin, environment friendly

2.    Wide Range application: Suitable for Interior and Exterior Floor, Countertops or Wall Facade

3.    Unlimited Color and Design options: We can make accordingly to the design Color, Size and Shape

4.    High Capacity: We can produce more than 10000m2 per month.

5.    Anti-slipping: Terrazzo as a cement base material is standout for anti-slip.

6.    Non Smoke Toxicity: No. Resin inside

7.    Frozen Resistance: Flexural Strength after freeze and thaw:8.8Mpa KMf25:77.9

8.    Fire Resistance: Raw materials are cement and natural stone scraps cannot be burned.

9.    Chemical Resistance: It is highly resistant to chemicals, both acidic and alkaline.

10. Easy Installation: It can be directly paved with cement and without special adhesive

11. Long lasting: Under day-to-day usage conditions, they will also retain their original beauty for a long time.

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