Bespoke Terrazzo Stone Bathtubs

Bespoke Terrazzo Stone Bathtubs
100% Pure Terrazzo Stone
No Resin, Non toxic and healthy
Handmade by Precast Terrazzo Blocks
Visible even Stone Partials All Sides Round.
Size: 170Lx70Wx58H cm Bespoke colors and sizes
Welcome Customized design

Bespoke Terrazzo Stone Bathtubs is 100% Pure Terrazzo Stone, No Resin, Non toxic and healthy, Handmade by Precast Terrazzo Blocks, visible even stone Partials all sides round. This style size is customized design size: 170Lx70Wx58H cm. We can accept the custmozied design and selected colors. 

Enming Stone Terrazzo Bathtub is not a poured in place product or made from a machine mold. It looks and feels more natural, being handmade is our secret ingredient that makes the Bathtub Collection stand alone from others. We are passionate about our Terrazzo Stone Products.

The Terrazzo Stone Bathtubs are the perfect thing to come home to after a long day. Feel like a king or queen in our handmade, recycled crushed stone and concrete terrazzo baths. Each one is cast by our big size terrazzo blocks according to the design, then polished and sealed the surface. The ideal luxury bathtub to be the star for your new or renovated bathroom.  

Terrazzo Stone Bathtub  Vs  Acrylic Bathtub

Enming Stone Terrazzo Bathtubs are pure Terrazzo, non resin inside, only cement and natural stone Partials. The Terrazzo bathtub products will not yellow unlike the Acrylic Resin Solid Surface Bath Products over time,  also known as (Yellow Tub Syndrome) in the Trade. Ultraviolet light rays cause's this yellowing.

Trust Our Master Craftsmen when it's time to build your next new projects, home, remodel or upgrade of your special room. Terrazzo Bathtubs will sooth and relax your body when fully immersed in deep warm water. Customers will experience a warm natural stone like surface texture in a Natural Terrazzo Soaking Bath.  

Terrazzo Bathtub

Terrazzo Bathroom BathtubVisable Stone Particle


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