White And Grey Terrazzo Tiles For Restaurant

White And Grey Terrazzo Tiles For Restaurant

Date:Jul 24, 2019

Grey Terrazzo Tiles for Outdoor Restaurant

Golden Olive Greek Restaurant

The best choice for improving texture

Project address: Xiamen - Ruijing Commercial Plaza

Use area: indoor and outdoor floor, steps, wall, skirting

Products used: TERRAZZO precast inorganic terrazzo tiles

Color 1 : NS001 Grey Carrara Terrazzo

Color 2 : GN003 White Beach Terrazzo

White Terazzo Flooring tile for restaurant

The soft and delicate beach is warm and the sky is like a wash, the white clouds are drooping, the waves are blooming, and the dreams are like a dream. Cyclades, a small volcanic island far from the mainland, the white gem of the Aegean Sea, the origin of Greek civilization, the beginning of the romantic Aegean Sea, like a crescent moon, drunk in the blue Aegean Sea.

Inspired by the traditional Cycladic art form, this paper-cut gold olive Greek restaurant Ruijing store is designed to be sublimated and simplified with modern art.

The floor decoration outside the store uses the Grey Terrazzo memory fragments of the Northland Sunshine, and the winter in the northern part of the memory, the little snowflake and the pleasant sunshine complement each other, conveying a small, yet real sense of well-being.

Xiamen is a city without spring and autumn. Even in winter, it is not too cold. The summer is really long. The Grey Cararra Terrazzo likes memory fragments carry the coldness of the North, and cool down the hot Xiamen.

Grey Carrara Terrazzo Tiles NS001

Grey Terrazzo Tiles for resturant

White Terrazzo Tiles for Restaurant

The white and white of Cycladic is pure, as if it is the cage of all colors, away from the mundane shackles, spotless, giving people a dreamlike, true and false feeling. Even if you are struggling with a touch of red in the restaurant space, it is difficult to hide its absolute protagonist status.

A large piece of pure white cement wall provides a creative canvas for the design. Black collides with the white of Cyclades, blending modern minimalism with the romance of the Aegean.


The floor decoration in the store uses the White Beach terrazzo. The big voyager sails to collect all the beautiful fine sands of the world, travels to every beach in the world, looks for stories in the colorful graves, and engraves them. In one side of the stone.

The idea of the great navigator coincides with the theme of the Golden Olive Greek restaurant, bringing together each spun yarn on the Greek seashore.

Terrazzo Restaurant case

The above case of "Golden Olive Greek Restaurant" shows us the many possibilities of terrazzo decoration design. Although located in Xiamen, it can be designed in an authentic Greek style by designing and matching different terrazzo.

For more terrazzo tile for the restaurant decoration please refer to our website: www.terrazzotilesslabs.com. contact Alice.Cheung by email info@chinaartificialstone.com

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