Large Grey Terrazzo Tiles For Wall And Benchtops

Large Grey Terrazzo Tiles For Wall And Benchtops

Date:Jul 20, 2019

Large Grey Terrazzo Tiles for Wall and Worktops of EUSANZZO

Grey Terrazzo For wall and Worktops

Project Name: EUSANZZO

Focus on comfortable and fashionable leather women's shoes

Project Location: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province

Color: Grey with White Marble Particles.

Color Code: NS001 Carrara Grey

Use Range: Wall / Bench Tops


Grey Terrazzo Fashion Wall Cladding.

EUSANZZO, a self-owned brand that focuses on comfortable and fashionable leather women's shoes, this project redefines the brand's tone, re-adjusts the style, boldly uses Terrazo grey terrazzo, and blends with brass, granules and lines to give the brand a new look.

Grey Terrazzo Wall Tiles

The EUSANZZO acceleration of Chinese store upgrades aims to redefine consumer perceptions of the brand.

The store design emphasizes the sense of experience to meet the current consumer community's new understanding of the way shopping is done.

Grey Carrara White Terrazzo  Wall Tiles for the fashion store

The EUSANZZO store has been upgraded to include the TERAZO premium grey terrazzo and titanium-gold metal accents throughout the space, making the 80-square-meter space more internationally sleek.

Grey Terrazzo Tile for Wall Facade

The careful setting of the light source in the store not only brings out the texture of the terrazzo, but also makes EUSANZZO's products more modern and fashionable in the overall style.

Grey Terrazzo Wall Panels for display rack background

This design, the terrazzo has been completely renewed, allowing consumers to re-recognize EUSANZZO, and the brand has entered a new stage. Fortunately, EUSANZZO has once again attracted the attention of many consumers and the loyal consumers of the brand.

Enming Stone started in 2013 with a blend of stylish personality and environmental protection, focusing on pre-fabricated terrazzo.

Terazo Terrazzo respects originality, explores aesthetics, and is dedicated to integrating design, environmental protection, technology, and aesthetics into terrazzo. And look for exciting, inspiring, and whimsical particles from around the world, and combine them with technology.

We have various styles of decoration design, unique and eclectic. Even though people are in the city, terrazzo can put you in a natural place.

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Terrazzo Stone Tiles color SamplesTerrazzo Stone Wall Tiles color Samples

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