Black Terrazzo Tiles And Countertops For Wework Shanghai

Black Terrazzo Tiles And Countertops For Wework Shanghai

Date:Jul 18, 2019

Black Terrazzo Tiles and Countertops for Wework

At present, most domestic offices are White wall + lattice room, simple and regular office environment. Although it is private, it can also make people concentrate on their work. But it suppresses the vitality of people's work. For companies that need creativity, This dull atmosphere is in urgent need of overthrowing.

This time, we has the honor to cooperate with Wework. Create a dynamic work environment, Terazo Terrazzo has completed the Shanghai project, And we are working on Wework cooperation projects in Southwest China and Singapore.

Project Name: Wework Joint Office Space

Project address: Shanghai Dongchang Road - Fuhui Building

Use area: floor / wall / countertop

Products used: TERAZO prefabricated inorganic terrazzo

We work

About Wework:

Wework is the pioneer of the global space-creation model, covering 85 cities around the world, more than 280 office locations, 260,000+ members.

Wework entered the Chinese market from the United States in 2016, creating a creative, dedicated and collaborative environment for business travellers.

With the development of Silicon Valley culture, open-plan offices are becoming more and more popular, in order to break the suppression of people's mind and body between the lattices, liberate people from a small space, and the comfortable and spacious environment also makes the thoughts divergent.

Black Terrazzo Countertops

In the design concept of Wework, the building is not cold, adding bright and jumping colors can add vitality to the office environment.

In this case, the overall tone revolves around the bright tone of white, adding a classic American style of royal blue + bright yellow, using contrasting collisions to add a lot of vitality to the space.

Black terrazzo for WeWork

Black Terrazzo Vanity Tops

The combination of sapphire blue and bright yellow is more often used in relatively unsatisfactory rest areas, but large areas of solid color blocks are prone to visual fatigue.

Black Terrazzo Stairs

This time, Terazo Terrazzo has specially customized a black prefabricated inorganic terrazzo for wework. The natural texture of the terrazzo blends into the space, so that the space avoids the rigid plate surrounded by solid color blocks. The black terrazzo plate can catch the jumping colors, and the mixed white particles become the activity factor in this small world.

Black Terrazzo for Wework floor wall and countertops US007

High-purity black is in sharp contrast with pure white marble particles. This time it is applied to countertops and walls.

Black Terrazzo Worktops

Black Terrazzo Round Table tops

Black Terrazzo Table Wework

For the rigorous work area, and more external corridors, elevators, etc., in order to make the overall style dynamic and decorative, Terazo Terrazzo prefabricated inorganic terrazzo is widely used on the ground and walls.

Elevator floor

Enming Stone offers custom designs and we will do our best to preserve the original look for each design. For more terrazzo colors please refer to our website for color selection. Bespoke order are welcome, contact, or call 0086 18046239265/18850014688 for more information for your projects. 

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