Large Scale Terrazzo Mosaic Tiles

Large Scale Terrazzo Mosaic Tiles
Color: White marble with grey Concrete
Size: 600x600mm, 800x800mm,600x1200mm etc. Surface:Polished, Honed
Base:525 Portland Cement
Aggregate Material: White Marble
Aggregate Size:30-100mm
Application: Indoor and Outdoor Floor Tiles, Wall Facade, Worktops, benchtops.

Large Scales Terrazzo Mosaic Tiles is the trends of the most fashion color for the luxurious boutiques decoration. Grey Concrete embed large irregualar shape random size large white marble partles. Every piece is different to each other with natural looking. It is more luxury than the Large Scale particles terrazzo porcelain tiles.

Terrazzo has in fact been a popular material ever since Ancient Rome and today it's back among the top global design trends. Especially the Large Aggregate Terrazzo is becoming a new fashion. Design flexibility, beautiful aesthetics, environmental friendliness, sanitation benefits, durability in high-traffic and high-stress settings, and low maintenance and life-cycle costs.

Feature of Large Scale Terrazzo Mosaic Tiles:

Color: White marble with grey Concrete

Surface: Honed

Base: 525 Portland Concrete

Aggregate Material: Natural White Marble

Aggregate Size: 30-100mm

Thickness: 20mm etc.

Tiles: 600x600, 800x800, 600x1200 etc.

Application: Interior and Exterior Floor Tiles, Wall Facade.

Wall facade effect :

Large Terrazzo Mosaics Wall Tile

Shose store floor project:

Terrazzo Mosaic project

We have some kinds of Large Scale Terrazzo, such as Pure White, Black with White Pebbles, Multicolor Terrazzo, Grey Large Aggregate Terrazzo etc.  White Cobble and Multicolor are the most popular colors. For more color information please refer to our website or contact us.

Large Scale Terrazzo Tile colors

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