Grigio Venato White Terrazzo Tiles and Slabs

Grigio Venato White Terrazzo Tiles and Slabs
1. White Cement Base Terrazzo Stone
2. Color Code: DXW 201
3. Brand: DX Terrazzo
4. Italian Terrazzo Technology.
5. Imported Raw Materials.
6. Mixed with Light Grey White Marble Chips, Red Marble and Black Marble Aggregate, Chips size about 2-5mm, 5-10mm
7. Excellent polished surface
8. Slabs size: 2400x1600x20mm in stock
9. Good for interior and exterior floor, wall and countertops decoration.
10. Excellent ant slip performance.
11. Designers' first choice for commercial projects.

Grigio Venato White Terrazzo Tiles and Slabs, beautiful color for the floor, wall and countertops decoration.

Color   Code:DX201
Color Name:Grigio Venato
Brand:DX Terrazzo
Base:525 Imported White   Portland Cement
Aggregate:Light  Grey White Marble Chips, Red Marble and Black Marble Aggregate, Chips size   about 2-5mm, 5-10mm
Finish:Polish,Leather,Bush   Hammered,Sandblasted,Flamed etc..
Tile Size:30x30,40x40,30x60,60x60,80x80,60x120cm   etc.
Slabs Size:240x160(Normal slabs   size), 320x160cm
Thickness:20mm,   other thickness workable according to the order
HS. Code:6810199000   Concrete Terrazzo Stone Products
Density:2540   kg/m3, 20mm:about 51kgs/m2
Sample Size:70x70x10mm,100x100x20mm
Sample Charge:Small   sample available by Free
Sample Freight:Up   to the client. Prepaid freight is about 35USD-50USD for 1kg sample
Application:Interior   and Exterior Floor Tiles or Wall Cladding,
Countertops, Worktops, Bench tops, Table Tops, Vanity tops, Kitchen Flooring, Bathroom Shower Wall etc.

The feature of our Terrazzo product:

1.Can be used for interior and exterior floor and Wall.

Comparing with the other artificial stone, it can be directly used in exterior wall dry hanging and outside public spaces, such as business street, passageway and water side.

2.Unlimited color and design options:

We can incorporate a wide variety of both conventional and innovative aggregate materials with unlimited color. It gives designers and architects a range of option.

3.Surface diversity:

With a variety of surface treatment methods, it can be made into multiple effects such as polished, honed, ancient, sandblasted surface, and blind lane.

4.Controllable cost:

It can be made into double layers of surface and bottom according to customer demand, ensuring quality and effectively reducing cost.

5.Class a and b flammability rating:

Anti-fire performance has reached class A1, the highest standing for building products.

6.Chemical resistance:

It is highly resistant to chemicals, both acidic and alkaline.

7.Slip resistance:

The slip resistant can be reach grade 1 to 2 without any treatment on the surface.

8.Resistance to color fading:

Under day-to-day usage conditions, they will also retain their original beauty for a long time.

9.Ease for installation:

In construction, it can be directly paved with cement and without special adhesive.

10.Environment friendly material:

It is produced by recycled use and processing of waste stone resource.

Countertop effect:

Italian White Terrazzo Worktops DXW201

Technical Date of Italian Tech. Terrazzo, Tested by SGS.

1.  Water Absorption: 1.68%, Grade W1

2.  Abrasion Resistance: 33.5mm, Grade F1

3.  Compressive Strength 96MPa

4.  Flexural Strength 11.5MPa, Grade F1

5.  Reaction Fire: Grade A1

6.  Apparent Density: 2540kg/m3

7.  Slip Resistance: SRV Dry: 36, SRV Wet: 11

8.  Freeze and Thaw Resistance: 8.9Mpa KMf25:77.9

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