Why choose Terrazzo?

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Why choose Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is an inorganic stone without resin, smoke toxicity, it is an long lasting, non slip and natural look material with decades history but now come back again with many advances.

Terrazzo outperforms every other type of flooring that's out in the market today. Design-wise, terrazzo is highly customizable and has almost limitless possibilities, each one as unique as thumbprints. Durability-wise, nothing even comes close to how long lasting and durable terrazzo is. Additionally, when you factor in these things, terrazzo will come out the more cost-effective choice of flooring system.

1. Class A and B Flammability Rating

Anti-fire performance has reached class A1, the highest standing for building products.

2. Chemical Resistance

It is highly resistant to chemicals, both acidic and alkaline.

 3. Slip Resistance

The slip resistant can be reach grade 1 to 2 without any treatment on the surface.

4. Resistance to color fading

Under day-to-day usage conditions, they will also retain their original beauty for a long term.

5. Ease for Installation

In construction, it can be directly paved with cement and without special adhesive.

6. Environment Protection

It is produced by recycled use and processing of waste stone resource.

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