What is terrazzo countertops?

Date:Jun 27, 2019

What is terrazzo countertops?

Terrazzo countertops are a great choice for a green kitchen and bathroom,with the lovely natural way they look. 

Terrazzo usually refers to marble chips cast into a slab, tile or flooring. But now we can produce the large forma terrazzo tile with an innovative technology, which puts together a mixture of prestigious stone materials such as marble, calcareous rock, granite, siliceous stone with cement and water into a mould and cast the block then cut to slabs. The result 

Terrazzo Countertops are cut from the large size terrazzo slabs, which is a completely natural product.  These slabs have a dedicated design focus, as well as having exceptional physical and mechanical characteristics. They are, therefore, an ideal solution for Countertop applications which require both a strong aesthetic, as well as a resistant and long wearing finish. 

Enming Stone can supply the large size terrazzo slabs and fabricate the terrazzo countertops according to the sizes and design. Welcome to visit our website for more color reference at www.terrazzotilesslabs.com. and contact us for detailed information.

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