What are the advantages of terrazzo flooring tiles

Date:Jul 14, 2019

The main advantages of terrazzo flooring are:

Aesthetic appeal

Terrazzo flooring is a great alternative to plain concrete flooring, as you get the same slick, quasi-industrial style but with added texture and interest that is more like a carpet – think of terrazzo as a concrete carpet, if you like! The point is, that if you like the minimal, or industrial look, but want to soften the hard edges, terrazzo is good for that.

Cutting edge cool

Terrazzo is only just coming up again as a cool flooring material, so if see yourself as a trend-setter, terrazzo may be for you.

Infinitely customizable

Terrazzo comes in a limitless range of colors, with a breadth of aggregate options and is easy to pour into custom designs, meaning you can create a really unique floor.


Not only can you pour terrazzo into custom designs, but it can also be molded into panels for staircases, or into custom shapes such as bathtubs, sink, countertops and stone-like furniture.

Underfloor heating friendly

Terrazzo is a great choice in combination with radiant or hydronic underfloor heating systems, as it is very good at retaining heat.


Properly sealed terrazzo is non-porous and resistant to microbes and mold, making it a very safe flooring surface.

Easy maintenance

For us the ultimate advantage of terrazzo – you barely need to do anything other than sweep and mop from time to time.


Many terrazzo manufacturers use recycled materials to create the aggregate, particularly recycled glass, porcelain and metals.


There’s a reason terrazzo is used so much in commercial and institutional buildings – it’s very, very durable. (The family of one of our Home Flooring Pros is from Greece and the terrazzo laid in her grandmother's house is over 60 years ago still looks great!)

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