Precautions and suggestions for project installation

Date:Jul 23, 2019

Terrazzo inorganic terrazzo uses all natural ingredients, is a perfect combination of natural stone particles, cement and water without any resin glue component. We use the production process of blocks, producing blocks through the automatic production line by mixing stone particles powder, cement and water in proportion. After curing for 28days, the blocks are fully solidified and formed. We will cut the blocks into slabs with thickness 20mm, 30mm and 40mm etc and do different surface treatment, such as polishing matte, lychee side and so on according to the customer’s requirement.


Different from traditional tile shop, this project requires special attention to the following points.


1)       Adopt the method of thin bottom paving and choose professional adhesive.

2)       The choice of adhesive is preferred Mabey Ceramic tile quick adhesive 113, this product belongs to C2FS1 Grade developed in accordance with Europe standard, quick dry in 3 hours with flexibility. The horizontal variation size can reach 4mm, and there are two colors of white and grey available. The scheme that cost performance is higher also can choose Mabey ceramic tile fast glue 113AP.

3)       Correct setting of expansion joints: Setting expansion joints if the ground is 8x8 meters and set up the isolation zone in the area of inside and outside corners and column cover.

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