Is terrazzo tile expensive?

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Is terrazzo tile expensive?

Terrazzo is a long lasting engineered stone composed of 525 portland cement and natural marble or granite scraps. It can be poured in place or precast. During the development of the terrazzo technology, terrazzo can be precast in tile and blocks to cut for big size tiles.

Is the terrazzo tiles expensive? As the most of the project or house owner think about this question. It is unfortunately that is a difficult question to answer definitively. The short answer is that it is no cheap. Comparing to some cheap Chinese granite tiles, it is expensive only by the raw material. But compare to some other engineered stones such as quartz, it is good price by the material.

Enming Stone fabricate the terrazzo block and cut to slabs and tiles according to the projects's specification. The normal thickness is 20mm, the EX. factory slabs price is range from US$38-45/m2, depends on the colors and finish request and exchange rate. The tile price depend on the size and ultilization of the slabs. Welcome to contact us for more color and pricing information.

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