Indoor and outdoor terrazzo slabs

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Indoor and outdoor terrazzo slabs

The Terrazzo Slabs collection which is born to give shape to great new ideas of indoor and outdoor f,oor and wall paving.

Large Format Terrazzo Slabs is an design trend that rereads and puts a spotlight on marble terrazzo surfaces, adding a contemporary touch to these eco-friendly materials that create arrays of highly decorative surfaces. 

The big size opens new prospects and is flexible enough to play with ever-new facings. Terrazzo takes on new technical properties and sets a new trend, defying any restriction to creativity.

The large size terrazzo slabs, where the shades of cement are paired with the colours of precious marble chips. Perspectives expand, and new atmospheres are created, which, though redolent of 50s architectural facings, have a distinctively contemporary appeal.

Research into the shades of natural stone is the source of these materials, which, with their neutral, elegant colours, mix harmoniously and reveal their distinctiveness even when applied on their own.

Marble Scraps in the terrazzo slabs, with its natural colours, embodies the elegant harmony of nature and encompasses the skilful heritage of the world. Dyed cement and marble chips are blended to let creativity run wild.

Enming Stone manufacturer large size terrazzo slabs, 4 slab sizes are available for various kind of indoor and outdoor application. For more color information please refer to our website www.terrazzotilesslabs.com.  Welcome to contact us for more information, send email to info@chinaartificialstone.com.

Indoor and Outdoor Terrazzo Slabs

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