Different Colors Cement Terrazzo Slabs

Date:Jun 27, 2019

Different Colors Cement Terrazzo Slabs For Floor Tiles, Countertop,  Table

Terrazzo is a traditional and long lasting material for interior and exterior anti slip floor tiles, modern wall facade application.  In the past, smaller precast Terrazzo tiles or poured in place terrazzo were more frequently used. However, in more modern construction projects, large terrazzo tiles we call terrazzo slabs which can be one of the best solutions for the large wall and floor tiles, even for countertops, worktops or table tops of interior or exterior application.

There are many methods to use these tiles to create the colors look you want by dyed cement and multicolor natural stone scraps.

Whether you are installing Precast Terrazzo tiles or slabs in your residence or for a commercial project, Enming Stone supplies a wide assortment of Terrazzo colors both for Tiles and Slabs. White Terrazzo, Grey Terrazzo, Black Terrazzo, Beige Terrazzo, Pink Terrazzo, Yellow Terrazzo, Red Terrazzo, Blue Terrazzo, Green Terrazzo Tiles collections of our favorite terrazzo tiles images are available on our website at www.terrazzotilesslabs.com.  Welcome to contact us for more color reference for your projects by call or email to info@chinaartificialstone.com. Unlimited Colors and Designs for your project options.

White Terrazzo Slab Colors

Grey Terrazzo Slab colors

Grey Terrazzo Slabs  and Tiles Colors

Black Terrazzo Colors

Black Terrazzo Slabs and Tiles Color Samples

Pink Terrazzo floor 

Pink Terrazzo Tiles for Fahshion Store

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